What are custom edition textbooks?

What are custom edition textbooks?

05 Jun 2014

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What are custom edition books?


             Custom edition textbooks are by no means new. They've been around for at least a few decades, but within the last few years custom editions have grown in popularity. Custom books are a colloboration project between the publisher and the school. They're sold as lighter, cheaper alternatives to the mass produced national editions. 

               There is no national market for these books and therefore the inefficiences in price are exploited both by the publishers and bookstores. Custom textbooks are almost never bought back by the school bookstore and cannot be sold on the internet easily. These facts force students to sell their books to someone at their school, making it incredibly time-consuming and difficult. The school bookstore and publishers are able to sell a much higher than average amount of new copies and that's exactly the point of the colloboration project from its conception.


    Here's where we come in. Our goal is to create a more equitable marketplace for custom edition books. We cannot control the books that schools select or the publisher's wholesale price.

But, this is our plan:

  • We will be selling brand new custom edition books for less than retail. We will always be selling the book at just above "cost".
  • We want to give students (whenever possible) the choice of buying just the textbook, and not the bundled access code and CD's.
  • We want to give students used book options.
  • We hope to start a buy-back and rental program on some titles within the first year. 
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